Baby Devil Balaclava Black


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We introduce The Baby Devil Balaclava 

People often ask us what to use this for, so here are some thoughts:

-Riding your bike in the cold

-Going grocery shopping

-Sexual stuff

-Any kind of performance 

-Your first day of school

-Taking your Tinder profile pic

-Making friends

-Making TikTok dances in public without getting recognized

This is made out of 100% cotton yarn and comes with two titanium piercing hoops. It’s warm and fuzzy and comes in one size only (it’s pretty stretchy). You can breathe normally through it and it doesn’t protect you from covid or other weird viruses. Safe to get wet.

Please be aware that every piece is part of the slow fashion movement and made by order, so you’ll have to wait between 1-2 business weeks for its production. This is our way of fighting against overproduction and fast fashion.

Thank you for supporting sustainable and handmade businesses

  • It comes in one size only. If you consider you have a pretty big head feel free to contact us and talk about measurements!

100% cotton yarn

Titanium piercing hoops

Only hand wash.

Do not iron.

Dry Flat.

*Taxes included*