free the nipple

The Knot Topless Set Brown


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Since women’s nipples are practically forbidden we created this awesome piece, which is part of the Free The Nipple Movement in an attempt to desexualize our nipples.

This is made out of 100% cotton yarn and comes with two titanium piercing bars on each nipple (safe to use in your own nipples as well). It’s adjustable in the neck and in the back, and the cups slide wherever you want. The bottom comes with 4 stainless steel hoops and adjusts with straps on the sides. 

Please be aware that every piece is part of the slow fashion movement and made by order, so you’ll have to wait between 1-3 business weeks for its production. This is our way of fighting against overproduction and fast fashion.

Thank you for supporting sustainable and handmade businesses


For cups AA and A: XS

For cups B and C: S/M

For cups C and D: M/L

For cups DD/E and DDD/F: XL


Size S: Waist: 63-70cm Hip: 85-95cm

Size M: Waist: 71-78cm Hip: 96-102cm

Size L: Waist: 78-85cm Hip: 103-110cm

  • If you’d like a custom size or have any doubts, feel free to contact us

The model has a B cup and is wearing a top size S/M and a bottom size S

100% cotton yarn

2 titanium heart piercing bars

4 stainless steel rings

Only hand wash.

Do not iron.

Dry Flat.

*Taxes included*